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City paintings of Jeremy Mann (facebook)

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Red hair and black leather, my favourite colour scheme 

1997/98 Rickenbacker 360, turquoise-glo*

I love the incredible red-ish rosewood that only Ric seems to use.  No other (mass production) guitar companies (that I am aware of) seem to ever use any rosewood anywhere near this colour.  WTF?  Why are Ricky fretboards so red?!?  I love them…but WHY are the they only ones that look like this?!?

* The real name for this colour is just plain old “turquoise”, but that isn’t “Ric” enough for me.  So I took it upon myself to Rick-ify the name in the tradition of their well known finishes like “mapleglo” (natural), “fireglo” (sunburst) and “jetglo” (black).  See how much more fun everything is when you stick a “glo” at the end?  So, “turquoise-glo” it shall be for evermore.

PS: here’s a video that will help put the first line above in’s not Richard Thompson himself performing it, but these guys do a great bluegrass-y cover version of Thompson’s incredible song “1952 Vincent Black Lightning”.  Dig it!


1975 Fender Starcaster Sunburst

Fender had already tried the hollowbody market with the Coronado, but with their next attempt they went a bit further. The Starcaster is loaded up with a set of their new Seth-Lover designed “Wide Range” pickups for a punchier sound. It also received the off-set treatment and the coolest headstock they ever devised. While not an instant-classic, it has since been embraced by players of every genre and clean examples like this have become quite sought after.

This guitar is currently for sale at Rock N Roll Vintage in Chicago. Contact us for further details: 773 878 8616